Pulitzer Prize Board 1980–1981

front row, left to right: J. Cowles, R. Wilkins, M. Sovern, J. Pulitzer, W. Raspberry, L. Hills
back row, left to right: R. Baker, E. Patterson, R. Leonard, C. Saikowski, O. Elliott, J. Hughes, H. Hays, W. Phillips, H. Gray, C. Kirkpatrick, T. Winship

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The Board presided over the judging process that resulted in the 1981 winners and finalists. --Joseph Pulitzer, Jr., chair; Richard T. Baker, secretary.

Baker, Richard T., secretary, The Pulitzer Pirze Board, administrator, The Pulitzer Prizes

Cowles, John Jr., president, Minneapolis Star and Tribune Company

Elliott, Osborn, dean, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University

Gray, Hanna H., president, University of Chicago

Hays, Howard H., Jr., editor and co-publisher, Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise

Hills, Lee, editorial chairman, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Inc.

Hughes, John, president, Hughes Newspapers, Inc., Orleans, Mass

Kirkpatrick, Clayton, chief executive officer, Chicago Tribune

Leonard, Richard H., editor and senior vice president, The Milwaukee Journal

Patterson, Eugene C., editor and president, St. Petersburg Times

Phillips, Warren H., chairman and chief executive officer, Dow Jones & Co., New York, NY

Pulitzer, Joseph Jr. (III), editor and publisher, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Raspberry, William J., columnist, The Washington Post

Saikowski, Charlotte, chief editorial writer, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, MA

Sovern, Michael I., president, Columbia University, New York, NY

Wilkins, Roger W., associate editor, Washington Star

Winship, Thomas, editor, The Boston Globe