Finalists have been announced since 1980. Full texts, photographs and cartoons are available for Journalism winners from 1995–2015 only.


1947 Frederick Woltman of New York World-Telegram

For his articles during 1946 on the infiltration of Communism in the U.S.

1946 William Leonard Laurence of The New York Times

For his eye-witness account of the atom-bombing of Nagasaki and his subsequent ten articles on the development, production, and significance of the atomic bomb.

1945 Jack S. McDowell of San Francisco Call-Bulletin

For his campaign to encourage blood donations.

1944 Paul Schoenstein and Associates of New York Journal-American

For a news story published on August 12, 1943, which saved the life of a two-year-old girl in the Lutheran Hospital of New York City by obtaining penicillin.

1943 George Weller of Chicago Daily News

For his graphic story of how a U.S. Navy Pharmacist's Mate under enemy waters in a submarine performed an operation for appendicitis saving a sailor's life.

1942 Stanton Delaplane of San Francisco Chronicle

For his articles on the movement of several California and Oregon counties to secede to form a forty ninth state.

1941 Westbrook Pegler of New York World-Telegram

For his articles on scandals in the ranks of organized labor, which led to the exposure and conviction of George Scalise, a labor racketeer.

1940 S. Burton Heath of New York World-Telegram

For his expose of the frauds perpetrated by Federal Judge Martin T. Manton, who resigned and was tried and imprisoned.

1939 Thomas Lunsford Stokes of Scripps-Howard Newspaper Alliance

For his series of articles on alleged intimidation of workers for the Works Progress Administration in Pennsylvania and Kentucky during an election. The articles were published in The New York World-Telegram.

1938 Raymond Sprigle of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

For his series of articles, supported by photostats of the essential documents, exposing the one-time membership of Mr. Justice Hugo L. Black in the Ku Klux Klan.

1937 John J. O'Neill, William L. Laurence, Howard W. Blakeslee, Gobind Behari Lal and David Dietz of New York Herald Tribune, The New York Times, AP, Universal Service and Scripps-Howard (respectively)

For their coverage of science at the tercentenary of Harvard University.

1936 Lauren D. Lyman of The New York Times

For his exclusive story revealing that the Charles A. Lindbergh family was leaving the United States to live in England.

1935 William H. Taylor of New York Herald Tribune

For his series of articles on the international yacht races.

1934 Royce Brier of San Francisco Chronicle

For his account of the lynching of the kidnappers, John M. Holmes and Thomas H. Thurmond in San Jose, Calif., on Nov. 26, 1933 after they had been jailed for abducting Brooke Hart, a merchant's son.

1933 Francis A. Jamieson of Associated Press

For his prompt, full, skillful and prolonged coverage of news of the kidnapping of the infant son of Charles Lindbergh on March 1, 1932, from the first announcement of the kidnapping until after the discovery of the baby's body nearby the Lindbergh home on May 12.

1932 W.C. Richards, D.D. Martin, J.S. Pooler, F.D. Webb and J.N.W. Sloan of Detroit Free Press

For their account of the parade of the America Legion during the 1931 convention in Detroit.

1931 A. B. MacDonald of Kansas City (MO) Star

For his work in connection with a murder in Amarillo, Texas.

1930 Russell D. Owen of The New York Times

For his reports by radio of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition.

1929 Paul Y. Anderson of St. Louis Post-Dispatch

For his highly effective work in bringing to light a situation which resulted in revealing the disposition of Liberty Bonds purchased and distributed by the Continental Trading Company in connection with naval oil leases.

1928 (No Award)
1927 John T. Rogers of St. Louis Post-Dispatch

For the inquiry leading to the impeachment of Judge George W. English of the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Illinois.

1926 William Burke Miller of Louisville Courier-Journal

For his work in connection with the story of the trapping in Sand Cave, Kentucky, of Floyd Collins.

1925 James W. Mulroy and Alvin H. Goldstein of Chicago Daily News

For their service toward the solution of the murder of Robert Franks, Jr., in Chicago on May 21, 1924, and the bringing to justice of Nathan F. Leopold and Richard Loeb.

1924 Magner White of San Diego Sun

For his story of the eclipse of the sun.

1923 Alva Johnston of The New York Times

For his reports of the proceedings of the convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held in Cambridge Mass., in December, 1922.

1922 Kirke L. Simpson of Associated Press

For articles on the burial of "The Unknown Soldier."

1921 Louis Seibold of New York World

For an interview with President Wilson.

1920 John J. Leary of New York World

For the series of articles written during the national coal strike in the winter of 1919.

1919 (No Award)
1918 Harold A. Littledale of New York Evening Post

For series of articles exposing abuses in and leading to the reform of the New Jersey State prison.

1917 Herbert Bayard Swope of New York World

For articles which appeared October 10, October 15 and from November 4 daily to November 22, 1916, inclusive, entitled, "Inside the German Empire."