The 1995 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Explanatory Journalism

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For a distinguished example of explanatory journalism that illuminates significant and complex issues, three thousand dollars ($3,000).

Awarded to Leon Dash, staff writer, and Lucian Perkins, photographer, of The Washington Post for their profile of a District of Columbia family's struggle with destructive cycles of poverty, illiteracy, crime and drug abuse.


Leon Dash (left) and Lucian Perkins (right) receiving their 1995 Pulitzer Prize from Columbia President George Rupp.


Also nominated as finalists in this category were: The Montgomery (AL) Advertiser staff for its probe of questionable management practices and self-interest at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the nation's best-endowed civil rights charity, and Ron Suskind of The Wall Street Journal for his stories about inner-city honor students in Washington, D.C., and their determination to survive and prosper.