The 1996 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Explanatory Journalism

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For a distinguished example of explanatory journalism that illuminates significant and complex issues, three thousand dollars ($3,000).

Awarded to Laurie Garrett of Newsday, Long Island, N.Y., for her courageous reporting from Zaire on the Ebola virus outbreak there. (The winner was entered and nominated in the International Reporting category and was moved by the Pulitzer Prize Board to Explanatory Journalism.)


Laurie Garrett is awarded the1996 Pulitzer Prize by George Rupp, Columbia University President.


Nominated as finalists in this category were: Chris Lester and Jeffrey Spivak of The Kansas City Star for their series on the impact of spreading suburban growth; Michael A. Hiltzik, David R. Olmos and Barbara Marsh of the Los Angeles Times for reporting on problems stemming from the lack of regulation in California's booming managed health care industry and the implications for the rest of the country, and Adam Bryant, Stephen Engelberg and Matthew L. Wald of The New York Times for their coverage of deficient safety regulation of commuter air traffic.