From the Pulitzer timeline: 1933
1933 Winners


Letters, Drama, and Music

The Store by T. S. Stribling (Doubleday)
Both Your Houses by Maxwell Anderson
The Significance of Sections in American History by Frederick J. Turner (Holt)
Biography or Autobiography
Grover Cleveland by Allan Nevins (Dodd)
Conquistador by Archibald Macleish (Houghton)

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Public Service
New York World-Telegram
For its series of articles on veterans relief, on the real estate bond evil, the campaign urging voters in the late New York City municipal election to "write in" the name of Joseph V. McKee, and the articles exposing the lottery schemes of various fraternal organizations.
Francis A. Jamieson of Associated Press
For his prompt, full, skillful and prolonged coverage of news of the kidnapping of the infant son of Charles Lindbergh on March 1, 1932, from the first announcement of the kidnapping until after the discovery of the baby's body nearby the Lindbergh home on May 12.
Edgar Ansel Mowrer of Chicago Daily News
For his day-by-day coverage and interpretation of the series of German political crises in 1932, beginning with the presidential election and the struggle of Adolph Hitler for public office.
Editorial Writing
Kansas City (MO) Star
For its series of editorials on national and international topics.
Editorial Cartooning
H. M. Talburt of Washington Daily News
For "The Light of Asia."