From the Pulitzer timeline: 1936
1936 Winners


Letters, Drama, and Music

Honey in the Horn by Harold L. Davis (Harper)
Idiots Delight by Robert E. Sherwood
A Constitutional History of the United States by Andrew C. McLaughlin (Appleton)
Biography or Autobiography
The Thought and Character of William James by Ralph Barton Perry (Little)
Strange Holiness by Robert P. Tristram Coffin (Macmillan)

Special Citations

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Pulitzer Prize Board

The board overseeing the prizes

Press Releases

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Public Service
Cedar Rapids Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
For its crusade against corruption and misgovernment in the State of Iowa.
Lauren D. Lyman of The New York Times
For his exclusive story revealing that the Charles A. Lindbergh family was leaving the United States to live in England.
The late Wilfred C. Barber of Chicago Tribune
For his reports of the war in Ethiopia. (A posthumous award.)
Editorial Writing
Felix Morley and George B. Parker of Washington Post and Scripps-Howard Newspapers, (respectively)
For distinguished editorial writing during the year.
Editorial Cartooning
(No Award)