From the Pulitzer timeline: 1941
1941 Winners


Letters, Drama, and Music

(No Award)
There Shall Be No Night by Robert E. Sherwood
The Atlantic Migration, 1607-1860 by Marcus Lee Hansen (Harvard Univ. Press)
Biography or Autobiography
Jonathan Edward by Ola Elizabeth Winslow (Macmillan)
Sunderland Capture by Leonard Bacon (Harper)

Special Citations

Special Awards and Citations - Journalism
The New York Times
For the public educational value of its foreign news report, exemplified by its scope, by excellence of writing and presentation and supplementary background information, illustration, and interpretation.

Pulitzer Prize Board

The board overseeing the prizes

Press Releases

No press releases are currently recorded for this year.


Public Service
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
For its successful campaign against the city smoke nuisance.
Westbrook Pegler of New York World-Telegram
For his articles on scandals in the ranks of organized labor, which led to the exposure and conviction of George Scalise, a labor racketeer.
Group Award
In place of an individual Pulitzer Prize for foreign correspondence, the Trustees approved the recommendation of the Advisory Board that a bronze plaque or scroll be designed and executed to recognize and symbolize the public services and the individual achievements of American news reporters in the war zones of Europe, Asia and Africa from the beginning of the present war.
Editorial Writing
Reuben Maury of New York Daily News
For his distinguished editorial writing during the year.
Editorial Cartooning
Jacob Burck of Chicago Times
For "If I Should Die Before I Wake."