From the Pulitzer timeline: 1942
1942 Winners


Letters, Drama, and Music

In This Our Life by Ellen Glasgow (Harcourt)
(No Award)
Reveille in Washington, 1860-1865 by Margaret Leech (Harper)
Biography or Autobiography
Crusader in Crinoline by Forrest Wilson (Lippincott)
The Dust Which Is God by William Rose Benet (Dodd)

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Pulitzer Prize Board

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Public Service
Los Angeles Times
For its successful campaign which resulted in the clarification and confirmation for all American newspapers of the right of free press as guaranteed under the Constitution.
Stanton Delaplane of San Francisco Chronicle
For his articles on the movement of several California and Oregon counties to secede to form a forty ninth state.
Carlos P. Romulo of Philippines Herald
For his observations and forecasts of Far Eastern developments during a tour of the trouble centers from Hong Kong to Batavia.
Telegraphic Reporting (National)
Louis Stark of The New York Times
For his distinguished reporting of important labor stories during the year.
Telegraphic Reporting (International)
Laurence Edmund Allen of Associated Press
For his stories of the activities of the British Mediterranean Fleet, written as an accredited correspondent attached to the fleet.
Editorial Writing
Geoffrey Parsons of New York Herald Tribune
For his distinguished editorial writing during the year.
Editorial Cartooning
Herbert Lawrence Block of NEA service
For "British Plane."
Milton Brooks of The Detroit News
For his photo entitled, "Ford Strikers Riot."