From the Pulitzer timeline: 1977
1977 Winners


Letters, Drama, and Music

(No Award)
The Shadow Box by Michael Cristofer
The Impending Crisis, 1848-1861 by David M. Potter, a posthumous publication. (Manuscript finished by Don E. Fehrenbacker (Harper)
Biography or Autobiography
A Prince of Our Disorder: The Life of T. E. Lawrence by John E. Mack (Little)
Divine Comedies by James Merrill (Atheneum)
General Nonfiction
Beautiful Swimmers by William W. Warner (Atlantic Little Brown)
Visions of Terror and Wonder by Richard Wernick
For mezzo-soprano and orchestra, premiered at the Aspen Music Festival, July 19, 1976. It was commissioned by the Festival's Conference on Contemporary Music, with assistance from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Special Citations

Special Awards and Citations - Letters
Alex Haley
A special award for Roots, the story of a black family from its origins in Africa through seven generations to the present day in America.

Pulitzer Prize Board

The board overseeing the prizes

Press Releases

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Public Service
Lufkin (TX) News
For an obituary of a local man who died in Marine training camp, which grew into an investigation of that death and a fundamental reform in the recruiting and training practices of the United States Marine Corps.
Local General or Spot News Reporting
Margo Huston of The Milwaukee Journal
For her reports on the elderly and the process of aging.
Local Investigative Specialized Reporting
Acel Moore and Wendell Rawls Jr. of the Philadelphia Inquirer
For their reports on conditions in the Farview (Pa.) State Hospital for the mentally ill.
National Reporting
Walter Mears of Associated Press
For his coverage of the 1976 Presidential campaign.
International Reporting
(No Award)
George F. Will of The Washington Post Writers Group
For distinguished commentary on a variety of topics.
William McPherson of The Washington Post
For his contribution to "Book World."
Editorial Writing
Warren L. Lerude, Foster Church and Norman F. Cardoza of Reno (Nev.) Evening Gazette and Nevada State Journal
For editorials challenging the power of a local brothel keeper.
Editorial Cartooning
Paul Szep of The Boston Globe
Spot News Photography
Stanley Forman of Boston Herald American
For his photograph of a youth using the flag as a lance in street disorders.

Neal Ulevich of Associated Press
For a series of photographs of disorder and brutality in the streets of Bangkok.
Feature Photography
Robin Hood of Chattanooga News-Free Press
For his photograph of a disabled veteran and his child at an Armed Forces Day parade.