From the Pulitzer timeline: 1978
1978 Winners


Letters, Drama, and Music

Elbow Room by James Alan McPherson (Atlantic Monthly Press)
The Gin Game by Donald L. Coburn
The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business by Alfred D. Chandler
Biography or Autobiography
Samuel Johnson by Walter Jackson Bate (Harcourt)
Collected Poems by Howard Nemerov (Univ. of Chicago)
General Nonfiction
The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan (Random House)
Deja Vu for Percussion Quartet and Orchestra by Michael Colgrass
Commissioned by the New York Philharmonic and premiered by that orchestra October 20, 1977.

Special Citations

Special Awards and Citations - Journalism
Richard Lee Strout
For distinguished commentary from Washington over many years as staff correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor and contributor to The New Republic.
Special Awards and Citations - Letters
E.B. White
For his letters, essays and the full body of his work.

Pulitzer Prize Board

The board overseeing the prizes

Press Releases

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Public Service
The Philadelphia Inquirer
For a series of articles showing abuses of power by the police in its home city.
Local General or Spot News Reporting
Richard Whitt of Louisville Courier-Journal
For his coverage of a fire that took 164 lives at the Beverly Hills Supper Club at Southgate, Ky., and subsequent investigation of the lack of enforcement of state fire codes.
Local Investigative Specialized Reporting
Anthony R. Dolan of The Stamford (CT) Advocate
For a series on municipal corruption.
National Reporting
Gaylord D. Shaw of Los Angeles Times
For a series on unsafe structural conditions at the nation's major dams.
International Reporting
Henry Kamm of The New York Times
For his stories on the refugees, "boat people," from Indochina.
William Safire of The New York Times
For commentary on the Bert Lance affair.
Walter Kerr of The New York Times
For articles on the theater in 1977 and throughout his long career.
Editorial Writing
Meg Greenfield of The Washington Post, deputy editorial page editor
For selected samples of her work.
Editorial Cartooning
Jeffrey K. MacNelly of Richmond (VA) News Leader
Spot News Photography
John H. Blair of United Press International, a special assignment photographer
For a photograph of an Indianapolis broker being held hostage at gunpoint.
Feature Photography
J. Ross Baughman of Associated Press
For three photographs from guerrilla areas in Rhodesia.