From the Pulitzer timeline: 1980
1980 Winners
and Finalists


Letters, Drama, and Music

The Executioner's Song by Norman Mailer (Little)
Talley's Folly by Lanford Wilson
Been in the Storm So Long by Leon F. Litwack (Knopf)
Biography or Autobiography
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris (Coward)
Selected Poems by Donald Justice (Atheneum)
General Nonfiction
Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter (Basic Books)
In Memory of a Summer Day by David Del Tredici
A work for soprano solo and orchestra, commissioned by the St. Louis Symphony for its 100th anniversary and premiered by that orchestra on February 23, 1980.

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Pulitzer Prize Board

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Public Service
Gannett News Service
For its series on financial contributions to the Pauline Fathers.
Local General or Spot News Reporting
Staff of The Philadelphia Inquirer
For coverage of the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island.
Local Investigative Specialized Reporting
Stephen A. Kurkjian, Alexander B. Hawes Jr., Nils Bruzelius, Joan Vennochi and Robert M. Porterfield of The Boston Globe, Spotlight Team
For articles on Boston's transit system.
National Reporting
Bette Swenson Orsini and Charles Stafford of St. Petersburg (FL) Times
For their investigation of the Church of Scientology.
International Reporting
Joel Brinkley-reporter and Jay Mather-photographer of the Louisville Courier-Journal
For stories from Cambodia.
Feature Writing
Madeleine Blais of The Miami Herald
For "Zepp's Last Stand."
Ellen H. Goodman of The Boston Globe
William A. Henry III of The Boston Globe
For critical writing about television.
Editorial Writing
Robert L. Bartley of The Wall Street Journal
Editorial Cartooning
Don Wright of The Miami News
Spot News Photography
Jahangir Razmi of Ettela'at, Iran
For the photograph "Firing Squad in Iran" that was distributed by United Press International. The photographer remained anonymous until his identity was revealed, with his consent, by Josh Prager of The Wall Street Journal in 2006.
Feature Photography
Erwin H. Hagler of Dallas Times Herald
For a series on the Western cowboy.