The 2010 Pulitzer Prize Winners

National Reporting

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Matt Richtel

Matthew D. Richtel joined The New York Times in January 2000 as a technology reporter in the San Francisco bureau. He has covered the dot-com boom and bust, the cellphone industry, Internet gambling, identity theft, corporate espionage, the videogame business, personal computers and the culture of Silicon Valley.

Mr. Richtel has approached technology as more than a business story about companies, hardware and software. He has a sociologist’s eye, and regularly appears on Page 1 with surprising trend-spotting stories, including churches using violent video games to attract young congregants; the impatience of computer users as they wait for machines to boot up; and the way email actually hurts productivity. In a 4,500-word profile last April of a Google engineer from India, Mr. Richtel humanized the complex — and at times controversial — role of immigrants in Silicon Valley.
Mr. Richtel is the author of “Hooked,” a novel centered on technology and published in 2007.

Born in Los Angeles, Mr. Richtel grew up in Boulder, Colo. He received a B.A, degree in rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley in 1989 and an MS. degree in journalism from Columbia University in 1990.

Mr. Richtel enjoys tennis, and teaching writing and journalism. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and their son.