Bingham, Barry Sr., editor-in-chief and president, Louisville Courier-Journal

Brown, Sevellon, editor, The Providence Journal

Carter, Hodding II, Editor, Delta Democrat-Times, Greenville, MS

Catledge, Turner, Managing Editor, The New York Times

Chandler, Norman, President and Publisher, Los Angeles Times

Choate, Robert, editor and publisher, The Boston Herald

Cowles, Gardner, president, Des Moines Register-Tribune

Ferguson, J.D., president and editor, Milwaukee Journal

Hohenberg, John, executive secretary, The Pulitzer Prizes, Columbia University

Kirk, Grayson, president, Columbia University, New York, NY

Knight, John S., editorial chairman, Knight Newspapers, Inc., Detroit, MI

McKelway, Benjamin H., vice president and editor, The Washington (DC) Evening Star

Miller, Paul, president/chairman of the board, Gannett Newspapers, Inc., Rochester, NY

Pulitzer, Joseph Jr. (III), president and publisher, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Seltzer, Louis B., editor, Cleveland Press