Beat Reporting

Finalists have been announced since 1980. Full texts, photographs and cartoons are available for Journalism winners from 1995–2015 only.


2006 Dana Priest The Washington Post

For her persistent, painstaking reports on secret "black site" prisons and other controversial features of the government's counterterrorism campaign.

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2005 Amy Dockser Marcus The Wall Street Journal

For her masterful stories about patients, families and physicians that illuminated the often unseen world of cancer survivors.

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2004 Daniel Golden The Wall Street Journal

For his compelling and meticulously documented stories on admission preferences given to the children of alumni and donors at American universities.

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2003 Diana K. Sugg The Baltimore Sun

For her absorbing, often poignant stories that illuminated complex medical issues through the lives of people.

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2002 Gretchen Morgenson The New York Times

For her trenchant and incisive Wall Street coverage.

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2001 David Cay Johnston The New York Times

For his penetrating and enterprising reporting that exposed loopholes and inequities in the U.S. tax code, which was instrumental in bringing about reforms.

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2000 George Dohrmann St. Paul Pioneer Press

For his determined reporting, despite negative reader reaction, that revealed academic fraud in the men’s basketball program at the University of Minnesota.

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1999 Chuck Philips and Michael A. Hiltzik Los Angeles Times

For their stories on corruption in the entertainment industry, including a charity sham sponsored by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, illegal detoxification programs for wealthy celebrities, and a resurgence of radio payola.

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1998 Linda Greenhouse The New York Times

For her consistently illuminating coverage of the United States Supreme Court.

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1997 Byron Acohido The Seattle Times

For his coverage of the aerospace industry, notably an exhaustive investigation of rudder control problems on the Boeing 737, which contributed to new FAA requirements for major improvements.

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1996 Bob Keeler Newsday, Long Island, NY

For his detailed portrait of a progressive local Catholic parish and its parishioners.

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1995 David Shribman The Boston Globe

For his analytical reporting on Washington developments and the national scene.

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1994 Eric Freedman and Jim Mitzelfeld The Detroit News

For dogged reporting that disclosed flagrant spending abuses at Michigan's House Fiscal Agency.

1993 Paul Ingrassia and Joseph B. White The Wall Street Journal

For often exclusive coverage of General Motors' management turmoil.

1992 Deborah Blum The Sacramento (CA) Bee

For her series, "The Monkey Wars," which explored the complex ethical and moral questions surrounding primate research.

1991 Natalie Angier The New York Times

For her compelling and illuminating reports on a variety of scientific topics.


2006 Barry Meier The New York Times

For his original, strongly documented stories on a flawed heart-defibrillator that imperiled the safety of unwitting patients.

2006 Jerry Mitchell The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS

For his relentless and masterly stories on the successful prosecution of a man accused of orchestrating the killing of three civil rights workers in 1964.

2005 Ronald Brownstein Los Angeles Times

For the clarity, consistency and quality of his political reporting during a presidential election year.

2005 Dana Priest The Washington Post

For her determined, deeply sourced and insightful coverage of United States intelligence operations.

2004 Ellen Barry The Boston Globe

For her fresh, thoroughly reported and powerfully written stories about neglected people with mental health problems in Massachusetts.

2004 Barton Gellman The Washington Post

For his authoritative and provocative coverage of the search for forbidden weapons in Iraq.

2003 Cameron W. Barr The Christian Science Monitor

For the extraordinary clarity, diversity and context in his ongoing coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

2003 David Cay Johnston The New York Times

For his stories that displayed exquisite command of complicated U.S. tax laws and of how corporations and invidiuals twist them to their advantage.

2002 Patrick Healy The Boston Globe

For his reporting on education, including a compassionate examination of student suicides at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and revelations of grade inflation at Harvard University, coverage that spawned reforms.

2002 Jack Kelley* USA Today

For his wide-ranging and prescient reporting on centers of foreign terrorism, often conducted at personal risk.

*In 2004, after investigating allegations of journalistic misconduct on the part of Mr. Kelley, USA Today concluded that four of the articles in this 2002 entry contained false information. Had the Board known of this at the time it would have disqualified the entry. Mr. Kelley defended his work in general but apologized for "serious mistakes."

2001 Virginia Ellis Los Angeles Times

For her persistent reporting that exposed extensive financial improprieties by a state insurance commissioner, who later resigned.

2001 Rebecca Smith The Wall Street Journal

For her prescient and knowledgeable reporting on the electricity shortage faced by the U.S., and the country's failed efforts to deregulate energy.

2000 Robert O'Harrow The Washington Post

For his innovative stories on threats to personal privacy in the digital age.

2000 David Cay Johnston The New York Times

For his lucid coverage of problems resulting from the reorganization of the Internal Revenue Service.

1999 Barton Gellman The Washington Post

For his penetrating coverage of the inner workings of the United Nations Special Commission as it sought to impact and disarm Iraqi weapons.

1999 Blair Kamin Chicago Tribune

For his lucid coverage of city architecture, including an influential series supporting the development of Chicago's lakefront area. (Originally submitted in Criticism and returned by the Board to that category.)

1998 Keith Bradsher The New York Times

For his reporting that disclosed safety and environmental problems posed by sport utility vehicles and other light trucks.

1998 Jason DeParle The New York Times

For his coverage of the successes and frustrations of the national effort to reform welfare.

1998 Laurie Garrett Newsday, Long Island, NY

For her reporting on the public health care crisis in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

1997 Craig Flournoy The Dallas Morning News

For his coverage of low-income housing programs, including the disclosure that Dallas officials had misspent or failed to utilize millions of federal dollars allocated for impoverished areas.

1997 Celia W. Dugger The New York Times

For her coverage of the plight of a young African woman who was jailed by U.S. immigration officials after she fled her homeland and its tribal rite of genital mutilation to seek asylum in the country, which prompted worldwide reaction.

1996 Alison Grant The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH

For articles uncovering corrupt dealings between contractors and city officials in the suburb of Beachwood that resulted in indictments and significant reforms.

1996 Fred Schulte and Jenni Bergal Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, FL

For disclosing problems and abuses in the state's tax-funded Medicaid health maintenance organizations.

1995 Michael J. Berens The Columbus (OH) Dispatch

For a series revealing inequities in the county municipal court system, including the widespread jailing of individuals too poor to pay fines for minor offenses and the release of other, more serious offenders who were able to pay.

1995 Tom Hallman Jr. The Oregonian, Portland, OR

For the series "Extreme Indifference," on the prosecution of a drunken driver convicted of killing four pedestrians, and for his reporting on public safety.

1995 Jason DeParle The New York Times

For Washington D.C. welfare and social policy coverage that focused on the condition of the poor and Federal Government actions affecting them.

1994 Joan Connell Newhouse News Service

For her reporting and writing on religion, ethics and morality.

1994 John Woestendiek The Philadelphia Inquirer

For his coverage of the promise and perils of city youth.

1993 Jesse Katz Los Angeles Times

For a series of portraits and analyses that illuminated the causes and effects of Los Angeles gang life.

1993 Fawn Vrazo The Philadelphia Inquirer

For her comprehensive coverage of women's health issues.

1992 Russ Conway The Eagle-Tribune, Lawrence, MA

For his reporting about questionable business practices in professional hockey.

1992 Gregg Jones Arkansas Gazette, (now defunct) Little Rock, AR

For stories about the state's faltering rural health-care system.

1991 Scott Harper The Capital, Annapolis, MD

For reporting that uncovered hazing, sexual harassment and generally biased treatment of female cadets at the U.S. Naval Academy and prompted six congressional and naval investigations.

1991 David Shaw Los Angeles Times

For reporting on media coverage of a variety of public issues.