Local Investigative Specialized Reporting

Finalists have been announced since 1980. Full texts, photographs and cartoons are available for Journalism winners from 1995–2015 only.


1984 Kenneth Cooper, Joan Fitz Gerald, Jonathan Kaufman, Norman Lockman, Gary Mc Millan, Kirk Scharfenberg and David Wessel The Boston Globe

For their series examining race relations in Boston, a notable exercise in public service that turned a searching gaze on some the city's most honored institutions including The Globe itself.

1983 Loretta Tofani The Washington Post

For her investigation of rape and sexual assault in the Prince George's County, Maryland, Detention Center.

1982 Paul Henderson The Seattle Times

For reporting which proved the innocence of a man convicted of rape.

1981 Clark Hallas and Robert B. Lowe The Arizona Daily Star

For their investigation of the University of Arizona Athletic Department.

1980 Stephen A. Kurkjian, Alexander B. Hawes Jr., Nils Bruzelius, Joan Vennochi and Robert M. Porterfield of The Boston Globe, Spotlight Team

For articles on Boston's transit system.

1979 Gilbert M. Gaul and Elliot G. Jaspin Pottsville (PA) Republican

For stories on the destruction of the Blue Coal Company by men with ties to organized crime.

1978 Anthony R. Dolan The Stamford (CT) Advocate

For a series on municipal corruption.

1977 Acel Moore and Wendell Rawls Jr. the Philadelphia Inquirer

For their reports on conditions in the Farview (Pa.) State Hospital for the mentally ill.

1976 Staff Chicago Tribune

For uncovering widespread abuses in Federal housing programs in Chicago and exposing shocking conditions at two private Chicago hospitals.

1975 Staff Indianapolis Star

For its disclosures of local police corruption and dilatory law enforcement, resulting in a cleanup of both the Police Department and the office of the County Prosecutor.

1974 William Sherman New York Daily News

For his resourceful investigative reporting in the exposure of extreme abuse of the New York Medicaid program.

1973 Staff The Sun Newspapers of Omaha, NE

For uncovering the large financial resources of Boys Town, Nebraska, leading to reforms in this charitable organization's solicitation and use of funds contributed by the public.

1972 Timothy Leland, Gerard M. O'Neill, Stephen A. Kurkjian and Ann Desantis The Boston Globe

For their exposure of widespread corruption in Somerville, Massachusetts.

1971 William Jones Chicago Tribune

For exposing collusion between police and some of Chicago's largest private ambulance companies to restrict service in low income areas, leading to major reforms.

1970 Harold Eugene Martin Montgomery Advertiser and Alabama Journal

For his expose of a commercial scheme for using Alabama prisoners for drug experimentation and obtaining blood plasma from them.

1969 Albert L. Delugach and Denny Walsh St. Louis Globe-Democrat

For their campaign against fraud and abuse of power within the St. Louis Steamfitters Union, Local 562.

1968 J. Anthony Lukas The New York Times

For the social document he wrote in his investigation of the life and the murder of Linda Fitzpatrick.

1967 Gene Miller Miami Herald

Whose initiative and investigative reporting helped to free two persons wrongfully convicted of murder.

1966 John Anthony Frasca Tampa (FL) Tribune

For his investigation and reporting of two robberies that resulted in the freeing of an innocent man.

1965 Gene Goltz Houston Post

For his expose of government corruption Pasadena, Texas, which resulted in widespread reforms.

1964 James V. Magee and Albert V. Gaudiosi, reporters, and Frederick Meyer, photographer, of The Philadelphia Bulletin

For their expose of numbers racket operations with police collusion in South Philadelphia, which resulted in arrests and a cleanup of the police department.


1984 Clark Hallas, John S. Long and David C. McCumber Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, AZ

For their investigation into production problems and mismanagement at the Hughes Aircraft Company's Tucson plant.

1984 Peter Mark Rinearson The Seattle Times

For "Making It Fly," his account of the new Boeing 757 jetliner. (Moved by the Board to the Feature Writing category.)

1983 Donald C. Drake The Philadelphia Inquirer

For his series "The Forsaken," a tragic portrait of the failure of mental health care in America.

1983 R.G. Dunlop, Robert T. Garrett, Richard, Mike Brown, Bill Osinski, reporters; and Stewart Bowman, photographer of The Louisville Courier-Journal

For their series on illegal and dangerous operations in the coal industry.

1982 Joel Brinkley Louisville Courier-Journal

For his series on abuses in Kentucky's coroner system.

1982 Sydney P. Freedberg and David Ashenfelter The Detroit News

For their series which exposed the U.S. Navy's cover-up of circumstances surrounding the deaths of seamen aboard ship and which led to significant reforms in naval procedures. (Moved by the Board to the Public Service category.)

1981 Richard Morin, Carl Hiaasen and Susan Sachs The Miami Herald

For their series "Key West: Smugglers' Island."

1981 Pamela Zekman, Gene Mustain, Gilbert Jimenez, Norma Sosa, Larry Cose, Patricia Smith and John Whit Chicago Sun-Times

For their series on accident swindlers.

1980 Carole E. Agus, Andrew V. Fetherston Jr. and Frederick J. Tuccillo Newsday, Long Island, NY

For investigation of a Long Island sewer scandal.

1980 Charles R. Cook and James S. Carlton The News and Observer, Port Arthur, TX

For expose of shoddy waste disposal practices.

1980 Judy Grande and Brian Gallagher The Journal-News, Nyack, NY

For investigation of the handling of local murders.

1980 Lewis M. Simons and Ron Shaffer The Washington Post

For a series on fraud in a large black self-help program.