Local Reporting

Finalists have been announced since 1980. Full texts, photographs and cartoons are available for Journalism winners from 1995–2015 only.


2015 Rob Kuznia, Rebecca Kimitch and Frank Suraci of the Daily Breeze, Torrance, CA

For their inquiry into widespread corruption in a small, cash-strapped school district, including impressive use of the paper’s website.

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2014 Will Hobson and Michael LaForgia Tampa Bay Times

For their relentless investigation into the squalid conditions that marked housing for the city’s substantial homeless population, leading to swift reforms.

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2013 Brad Schrade, Jeremy Olson and Glenn Howatt Star Tribune, Minneapolis

For their powerful reports on the spike in infant deaths at poorly regulated day-care homes, resulting in legislative action to strengthen rules.

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2012 Sara Ganim and members of The Patriot-News Staff

For courageously revealing and adeptly covering the explosive Penn State sex scandal involving former football coach Jerry Sandusky.

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2011 Frank Main, Mark Konkol and John J. Kim Chicago Sun-Times

For their immersive documentation of violence in Chicago neighborhoods, probing the lives of victims, criminals and detectives as a widespread code of silence impedes solutions.

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2010 Raquel Rutledge Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

For her penetrating reports on the fraud and abuse in a child-care program for low-wage working parents that fleeced taxpayers and imperiled children, resulting in a state and federal crackdown on providers.

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2009 Detroit Free Press Staff, and notably Jim Schaefer and M.L. Elrick

For their uncovering of a pattern of lies by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick that included denial of a sexual relationship with his female chief of staff, prompting an investigation of perjury that eventually led to jail terms for the two officials.

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2009 Ryan Gabrielson and Paul Giblin East Valley Tribune, Mesa, AZ

For their adroit use of limited resources to reveal, in print and online, how a popular sheriff’s focus on immigration enforcement endangered investigation of violent crime and other aspects of public safety.

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2008 David Umhoefer Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

For his stories on the skirting of tax laws to pad pensions of county employees, prompting change and possible prosecution of key figures.

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2007 Debbie Cenziper The Miami Herald

For reports on waste, favoritism and lack of oversight at the Miami housing agency that resulted in dismissals, investigations and prosecutions.

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1952 George De Carvalho San Francisco Chronicle

For his stories of a "ransom racket" extorting money from Chinese in the United States for relations held in Red China.

1951 Edward S. Montgomery San Francisco Examiner

For his series of articles on tax frauds which culminated in an expose within the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

1950 Meyer Berger The New York Times

For his 4,000 word story on the mass killings by Howard Unruh in Camden, N.J.

1949 Malcolm Johnson New York Sun

For his series of 24 articles entitled "Crime on the Waterfront" in New York City.

1948 George E. Goodwin The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

For his story of the Telfair County vote fraud, published in 1947.


2015 Joe Mahr, Joseph Ryan and Matthew Walberg of the Chicago Tribune

For their probe into government corruption in a Chicago suburb, using public records, human stories and shoe-leather reporting to lay out the consequences.

2015 Ziva Branstetter and Cary Aspinwall of the Tulsa World

For courageous reporting on the execution process in Oklahoma after a botched execution – reporting that began a national discussion.

For using an array of journalistic tools to explore the "no-snitch" culture that helps perpetuate a cycle of violence in one of the most dangerous cities in the South.

2014 Rebecca D. O'Brien and Thomas Mashberg of The Record, Woodland Park, N.J.

For their jarring exposure of how heroin has permeated the suburbs of northern New Jersey, profiling addicts and anguished families and mapping the drug pipeline from South America to their community.

2013 Ames Alexander and Karen Garloch of The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer and Joseph Neff and David Raynor of The News and Observer, Raleigh, N.C.

For their tenacious joint project investigating how the state’s major nonprofit hospitals generate large profits and contribute to the high cost of health care.

For their aggressive coverage of hazing rituals by the Florida A&M University marching band that killed a drum major and led to the resignation of the band leader and the university president.

2012 Staff of California Watch, founded by the Center for Investigative Reporting

For its rigorous probe of deficient earthquake protection in the construction of public schools across the state, telling the story with words, graphics, videos and other tools.

2012 A.M. Sheehan and Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling Advertiser Democrat, Norway, Maine, a weekly

For their tenacious exposure of disgraceful conditions in federally-supported housing in a small rural community that, within hours, triggered a state investigation.

2011 Marshall Allen and Alex Richards Las Vegas Sun

For their compelling reports on patients who suffered preventable injuries and other harm during hospital care, taking advantage of print and digital tools to drive home their findings.

2011 Stanley Nelson Concordia (La.) Sentinel, a weekly

For his courageous and determined efforts to unravel a long forgotten Ku Klux Klan murder during the Civil Rights era.

2010 Dave Philipps of The Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO

For his painstaking stories on the spike in violence within a battered combat brigade returning to Fort Carson after bloody deployments to Iraq, leading to increased mental health care for soldiers.

2010 Ben Montgomery, Waveney Ann Moore and photographer Edmund D. Fountain St. Petersburg Times

For their dogged reporting and searing storytelling that illuminated decades of abuse at a Florida reform school for boys and sparked remedial action.

2009 Brendan McCarthy, Michael DeMocker and Ryan Smith The Times Picayune, New Orleans, LA

For their multifaceted examination of a murder case that showed deep understanding of the community, its social ills and the often frustrating path to justice.

2008 Chris Davis, Matthew Doig and Tiffany Lankes Sarasota (FA) Herald Tribune

For their dogged exposure, in print and online, of predatory teachers and the system that protects them, stirring state and national action.

2008 Jeff Pillets, John Brennan and Tim Nostrand The Record, Bergen County, NJ

For their probe of how plans to build a luxury community atop old landfills became entangled in questionable state loans and other allegations of favoritism.

2007 Staff The Boston Globe

For its well documented exposure, in print and online, of unscrupulous debt collectors, causing two firms to close and prompting action by state officials.

2007 Fred Schulte and June Arney The Baltimore Sun

For their reports, in print and online, about abuses under an archaic state law that threatened to turn hundreds out of their homes.