Specialized Reporting

Finalists have been announced since 1980. Full texts, photographs and cartoons are available for Journalism winners from 1995–2015 only.


1990 Tamar Stieber of Albuquerque Journal

For persistent reporting that linked a rare blood disorder to an over-the-counter dietary supplement, L-Tryptophan, and led to a national recall of the product.

1989 Edward Humes of Orange County Register

For his in-depth reporting on the military establishment in Southern California.

1988 Walt Bogdanich of The Wall Street Journal

For his chilling series of reports on faulty testing by American medical laboratories.

1987 Alex S. Jones of The New York Times

For "The Fall of the House of Bingham," a skillful and sensitive report of a powerful newspaper family's bickering and how it led to the sale of a famed media empire.

1986 Andrew Schneider and Mary Pat Flaherty of Pittsburgh Press

For their investigation of violations and failures in the organ transplantation system in the United States.

1985 Randall Savage and Jackie Crosby of Macon (GA) Telegraph and News

For their in-depth examination of academics and athletics at the University of Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology.


1990 Jim Dwyer of Newsday, Long Island, New York

For his coverage of the New York City subway system.

1990 Claire Spiegel of Los Angeles Times

For an investigation of mismanagement and abuses at a Los Angeles medical center, stories that led to improvements in patient care and policies at the hospital.

1989 Dennis Anderson of St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch

For his stories detailing the problems and abuses that endanger America's waterfowl.

1989 Mike Masterson and Chuck Cook of The Arizona Republic

For their stories about risks to elderly Americans from prescription errors, drug interactions and medication abuse.

1988 Natalie Fobes of The Seattle Times

For stories and photographs portraying the Pacific salmon's struggle to survive man-made hazards.

1988 Staff of Lexington Herald-Leader

For its report on the rise and fall of Spendthrift Farm, the famed Kentucky horse breeders.

1987 Angelo Cataldi of The Philadelphia Inquirer

For articles that profiled the Philadelphia Eagles football team's 1986 season under new head coach Buddy Ryan.

1987 Irene Wielawski of The Providence Journal-Bulletin

For medical reporting that consistently examined the human side of complex health care issues.

1986 Bruce Buursma of Chicago Tribune

For his informed and clear reporting on religion, which included articles on Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II, born-again believers and the Catholic Church in Africa.

1986 William K. Robertson of The Miami Herald

For his literary-journalistic account of rediscovering Mark Twain's Mississippi River in honor of the 100th anniversary of "Huckleberry Finn."

1985 Gary S. Rosenblatt of Baltimore Jewish Times, a weekly

For his analysis of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles and other Jewish concerns.

1985 Mike Klingaman of The Baltimore Evening Sun

For a series on the effects of alcohol abuse by high school athletes.