The 1998 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Editorial Writing

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For distinguished editorial writing, the test of excellence being clearness of style, moral purpose, sound reasoning, and power to influence public opinion in what the writer conceives to be the right direction, Five thousand dollars ($5,000).

Awarded to Bernard L. Stein of The Riverdale (NY) Press for his gracefully-written editorials on politics and other issues affecting New York City residents.


Columbia University President, George Rupp (right), presents Bernard L. Stein with the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing.


Also nominated as finalists in this category were: George B. Pyle of The Salina (KS) Journal for his insightful editorials on a variety of local issues, and Clint Talbott of the Colorado Daily, Boulder, for his powerful series of editorials on the legal ordeal of a rape victim who took her case to trial (moved by the jury from the Commentary category).