The 2000 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Feature Writing

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For a distinguished example of feature writing giving prime consideration to high literary quality and originality, Five thousand dollars ($5,000).

Awarded to J.R. Moehringer of Los Angeles Times for his portrait of Gee’s Bend, an isolated river community in Alabama where many descendants of slaves live, and how a proposed ferry to the mainland might change it.


Columbia University President George Rupp (right) presents J.R. Moehringer with The 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.


Also nominated as finalists in this category were: David Finkel of The Washington Post for his moving account of a woman forced to choose between staying with her family in a Macedonian refugee camp, or leaving to marry a man in France, and Anne Hull of the St. Petersburg Times for her quietly powerful stories of Mexican women who come to work in North Carolina crab shacks, in pursuit of a better life.