The 2006 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Explanatory Reporting

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For a distinguished example of explanatory reporting that illuminates a significant and complex subject, demonstrating mastery of the subject, lucid writing and clear presentation, in print or in print and online, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

Awarded to David Finkel of The Washington Post for his ambitious, clear-eyed case study of the United States government's attempt to bring democracy to Yemen.


Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger (left) presents David Finkel with the 2006 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting.


Also nominated as finalists in this category were: Debbie Cenziper of The Miami Herald for her deeply researched examination of breakdowns in hurricane forecasting that often endanger lives, and Mark Johnson and Kawanza Newson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for their riveting chronicle of a teenage girl's miraculous recovery from a rabies infection that medicine had previously considered fatal.