The 2007 Pulitzer Prize Winners

National Reporting

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For a distinguished example of reporting on national affairs, in print or in print and online, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

Awarded to Charlie Savage of The Boston Globe for his revelations that President Bush often used "signing statements" to assert his controversial right to bypass provisions of new laws.


Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger (left) presents Charlie Savage with the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in National Reporting.


Also nominated as finalists in this category were: Maurice Possley and Steve Mills of the Chicago Tribune for their investigation of a 1989 execution in Texas that strongly suggests an innocent man was killed by lethal injection, and Les Zaitz, Jeff Kosseff and Bryan Denson of The Oregonian, Portland, for their disclosure of mismanagement and other abuses in federally-subsidized programs for disabled workers, stirring congressional action.