The 2012 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Breaking News Reporting

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For a distinguished example of local reporting of breaking news that, as quickly as possible, captures events accurately as they occur, and, as time passes, illuminates, provides context and expands upon the initial coverage, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

Awarded to The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News Staff, for its enterprising coverage of a deadly tornado, using social media as well as traditional reporting to provide real-time updates, help locate missing people and produce in-depth print accounts even after power disruption forced the paper to publish at another plant 50 miles away.


Tuscaloos News staff

Gregory Moore (left), co-chair of The Pulitzer Prize Board, presents the 2012 Breaking News Reporting Prize to (left to right) Katherine Lee, Jamon Smith and Jason Morton of The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News.


Also nominated as finalists in this category were: The Arizona Republic Staff, Phoenix, for its comprehensive coverage of the mass shooting that killed six and wounded 13, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, an exemplary use of journalistic tools, from Twitter to video to written reports and features, to tell an unfolding story; and the Staff of the Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, for its energetic coverage of 27 days of around-the-clock protests in the State Capitol over collective bargaining rights, using an array of journalistic tools to capture one breaking development after another.