The 2013 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Breaking News Photography

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For a distinguished example of breaking news photography in black and white or color, which may consist of a photograph or photographs, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

Awarded to Rodrigo Abd, Manu Brabo, Narciso Contreras, Khalil Hamra and Muhammed Muheisen of the Associated Press for their compelling coverage of the civil war in Syria, producing memorable images under extreme hazard.

Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University (left), presents the 2013 Breaking News Photography prize to (left to right) Muhammed Muheisen, Manu Brabo, Narciso Contreras, Rodrigo Abd and Khalil Hamra of the Associated Press.


Also nominated as finalists in this category were: The Denver Post Staff for its skillful coverage of the mass shooting at a theater in Aurora, Colo., capturing the scope of the tragedy in a poignant portfolio of pictures; and Tyler Hicks of The New York Times for his powerful pictures chronicling deadly destruction in Gaza following a retaliatory bombing by Israel.