The 2014 Pulitzer Prize Winners


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For a distinguished and appropriately documented book on the history of the United States, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

Awarded to "The Internal Enemy: Slavery and War in Virginia, 1772-1832," by Alan Taylor (W.W. Norton), a meticulous and insightful account of why runaway slaves in the colonial era were drawn to the British side as potential liberators.

Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University (left), presents the 2014 History Prize to AlanTaylor.


Also nominated as finalists in this category were "A Dreadful Deceit: The Myth of Race from the Colonial Era to Obama's America," by Jacqueline Jones (Basic Books), a deeply researched examination of how race as a social invention has retained its power to organize, mark and harm the lives of Americans; and "Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident and the Illusion of Safety," by Eric Schlosser (The Penguin Press), a chilling history of the management of America’s nuclear arsenal, exploring the fateful challenges and chronicling the “near misses” that could have triggered a cataclysm.