1980 Finalists

Letters, Drama, and Music

The Ghost Writer by Philip Roth (Farrar)

Birdy by William Wharton (Knopf)
The Urban Crucible by Gary B. Nash (Harvard)

The Plains Across by John B. Unruh (Illinois)
Biography or Autobiography
Bernard Berenson, The Making of a Connoisseur by Ernest Samuels (Belknap-Harvard)

Being Bernard Berenson by Meryle Secrest (Holt)

The Duke of Deception by Geoffrey Wolff (Random House)
Selected Poems by Richard Hugo (Norton)

Goshawk, Antelope by Dave Smith (University of Illinois)
General Nonfiction
The Madwoman in the Attic by Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar (Yale)

The Medusa and the Snail by Lewis Thomas (Viking)
Quintets for Orchestra by Lukas Foss
Premiered by the Cleveland Orchestra.

After the Butterfly by Morton Subotnick
Premiered at the Monday Evening Concerts, Los Angeles County Museum.


Public Service
The Miami Herald
For disclosures of medical incompetence, malfeasance and abuse.

The Miami Herald
For its series on police brutality.

The Philadelphia Inquirer
For a series on toxic waste.

The St. Petersburg Times
For its investigation of the Church of Scientology. (Moved by the Board to the National Reporting category.)
Local General or Spot News Reporting
Staff of Chicago Tribune
For coverage of the worst air crash in history and the blizzard of 1979.

Staff of Greensboro (NC) Daily News
For coverage of a shootout of the Ku Klux Klan
Local Investigative Specialized Reporting
Carole E. Agus, Andrew V. Fetherston Jr. and Frederick J. Tuccillo of Newsday, Long Island, NY
For investigation of a Long Island sewer scandal.

Charles R. Cook and James S. Carlton of The News and Observer, Port Arthur, TX
For expose of shoddy waste disposal practices.

Judy Grande and Brian Gallagher of The Journal-News, Nyack, NY
For investigation of the handling of local murders.

Lewis M. Simons and Ron Shaffer of The Washington Post
For a series on fraud in a large black self-help program.
National Reporting
Joseph P. Albright, national correspondent of Cox Newspapers
For a series on energy.

George Anthan, reporter, Washington bureau of
For a series on disappearing farmland.

Staff of Los Angeles Times
For a series on chemicals in the environment, "Poisoning of America."
International Reporting
Peter Arnett of Associated Press
On the world's homeless.

Fox Butterfield of The New York Times
For dispatches from China.

Staff of Los Angeles Times
For coverage of Iran.
Feature Writing
Bonnie M. Anderson of The Miami Herald
For "Execution of My Father."

John R. Camp of St. Paul Pioneer Press
For a series on Indians.

Saul Pett of Associated Press
On the snail darter.
Richard Reeves of Universal Press Syndicate

Carl T. Rowan of Chicago Sun-Times and Syndicate
William C. Glackin of The Sacramento Bee

William K. Robertson of The Miami Herald
Editorial Writing
John Alexander of Greensboro (NC) Daily News

Alfred Ames and Joan Beck of Chicago Tribune

Bruce C. Davidson, Thomas N. Oliphant and Anne C. Wyman of The Boston Globe

Tom Dearmore of San Francisco Examiner
Editorial Cartooning
Richard Locher of Chicago Tribune

Paul Szep of The Boston Globe
Spot News Photography
Robert L. Gay of Charleston (WV) Daily Mail
For a series on a crazed veteran and a churchful of hostages.

Michael Haering of Los Angeles Herald Examiner
For a shot of a girl being struck by a car at a street demonstration in Beverly Hills.
Feature Photography
David A. Kryszak of The Detroit News
For a series on children of Cambodia.

John J. Sunderland of The Denver Post
For a series on living and dying in a hospice.