1983 Finalists

Letters, Drama, and Music

Rabbis and Wives by the late Chaim Grade (Knopf)

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler (Knopf)
True West by Sam Shepard
The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789 by Robert L. Middlekauff (Oxford University Press)

Southern Honor: Ethics & Behavior in the Old South by Bertram Wyatt-Brown
Biography or Autobiography
Churchill: Young Man in a Hurry, 1874-1915 by Ted Morgan (Simon & Schuster)

Thomas E. Dewey and His Times by Richard Norton Smith (Simon & Schuster)
Monolithos, Poems, 1962 and 1982 by Jack Gilbert (Knopf)

Country Music, Selected Early Poems by Charles Wright (Wesleyan University Press)
General Nonfiction
Terrorists and Novelists by Diane Johnson (Knopf)

The Fate of the Earth by Jonathan Schell (Knopf)
Drama for Orchestra by Vivian Fine
Premiered on January 5, 1983 by the San Francisco Symphony, at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco.


Public Service
The Boston Globe
For its balanced and informative special report on the nuclear arms race. (Moved by the Board to the National Reporting category.)

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
For its ongoing investigation of mismanagement of the Washington Public Power Supply System's (WPPSS) nuclear construction program.
Local General or Spot News Reporting
Dallas Morning News Team of The Dallas Morning News
For its coverage and analysis of the financial collapse of Braniff International Airlines.

Staff of Rochester (NY) Democrat & Chronicle
For its coverage of an accident at Ginna nuclear power plant that helped to avert public panic.
Local Investigative Specialized Reporting
Donald C. Drake of The Philadelphia Inquirer
For his series "The Forsaken," a tragic portrait of the failure of mental health care in America.

R.G. Dunlop, Robert T. Garrett, Richard, Mike Brown, Bill Osinski, reporters; and Stewart Bowman, photographer of The Louisville Courier-Journal
For their series on illegal and dangerous operations in the coal industry.
National Reporting
Haynes Johnson of The Washington Post
For his reporting on the impact of the recession on communities across the nation.

Jim Henderson of Dallas Times Herald
For his series on the persistence of racism in the "New South" and, in a second nomination, for his reporting on the consequences of atomic testing in America.
International Reporting
Rod Nordland of Philadelphia Inquirer
For his coverage of the impact of war and famine on Cambodia, Vietnam and East Timor.
Feature Writing
Don Colburn of The Everett (WA) Herald
For his documentation of the work of the nation's largest burn treatment center in Seattle, Wash.

James Ricci of Detroit Free Press
For his extraordinary account of an organ donation "Kelly's Gift," and the effects it had on the lives of four strangers.
Ross Mackenzie of Richmond (VA) News Leader

David G. Rossie of Binghamton (NY) Evening Press
Beth Dunlop of The Miami Herald
For architectural criticism.

Stephen Schiff of The Boston Phoenix
For film criticism.
Editorial Writing
Ralph B. Bennett and Jonathan Freedman of San Diego Tribune
For their editorial campaign urging passage of an immigration reform bill.

Marvin Seid of Los Angeles Times
For his series of editorials on the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
Editorial Cartooning
Tony Auth of The Philadelphia Inquirer

Dick Wright of The Providence Journal-Bulletin
Spot News Photography
James L. Davis of The Arizona Daily Star
For his photographs of a shoot-out between members of a religious sect and local law enforcement officers in Miracle Valley, Ariz.

Daymon J. Hartley, freelance photographer of United Press International
For his photographs of a fire rescue in Detroit.

Chester Panzer of WRC-TV, Washington, DC
For his dramatic photos of the rescue of survivors of the Air Florida jet crash.
Feature Photography
Barron Ludlum of Dallas Times Herald
For his picture story of a sick child's struggle for life.

John H. White of Chicago Sun-Times
For a variety of photographs depicting life in Chicago.