1984 Finalists

Letters, Drama, and Music

The Feud by Thomas Berger (Delacorte)

Cathedral by Raymond Carver (Knopf)
Painting Churches by Tina Howe

Fool for Love by Sam Shepard
Biography or Autobiography
Thomas Carlyle: A Biography by Fred Kaplan (Cornell University Press)

Black Apollo of Science: the Life of Ernest Everett Just by Kenneth Manning (Oxford University Press)
Weather-Fear: New and Selected Poems by John Engels (University of Georgia)

Collected Poems, 1930-1982 by Josephine Miles (University of Illinois)
General Nonfiction
Conversations With the Enemy by Winston Groom and Duncan Spencer (Putnam)

Wild Justice by Susan Jacoby (Harper & Row)
Piano Concerto by Peter Lieberson
Premiered on April 21, 1983 by the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


Public Service
Detroit Free Press
For a series by Stephen Franklin and Marcia Stepanek that exposed the failure of the automobile industry and the federal government to protect the motoring public from defective cars.

Fayetteville (NC) Times
For the series "And Justice for All?" which revealed failures and favoritism in the Cumberland County (N.C.) District Court System.
Local General or Spot News Reporting
Leslie A. Scism of Bucks County (PA) Courier Times
For her investigation of Anna Catherina Emmerick Academy, which linked the religious school's activities to right-wing extremist groups and revealed that it housed weaponry and explosives.

Editorial Staff of The Fresno (CA) Bee
For its coverage, under extreme deadline pressure, of the Coalinga earthquake of May 2, 1983.
Local Investigative Specialized Reporting
Clark Hallas, John S. Long and David C. McCumber of Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, AZ
For their investigation into production problems and mismanagement at the Hughes Aircraft Company's Tucson plant.

Peter Mark Rinearson of The Seattle Times
For "Making It Fly," his account of the new Boeing 757 jetliner. (Moved by the Board to the Feature Writing category.)
National Reporting
Benjamin L. Weiser of The Washington Post
For his series on the difficulties doctors face in making life-and-death decisions regarding their patients.

George Getschow of The Wall Street Journal
For his series "Dirty Work," which disclosed the existence of temporary slave labor camps throughout the southwest United States.
International Reporting
David K. Shipler of The New York Times
For his reporting from Israel which analyzed the mind of the nation.

Morris Thompson of Newsday, Long Island, NY
For his thorough, first-hand coverage of the island of Grenada before, during and after the U.S. invasion.
Feature Writing
Charles Bowden of Tucson (AZ) Citizen
For his stories on illegal immigrants, sexual abuse of children and the deaths of two men.

Jay William Hamburg of Birmingham (AL) Post-Herald
For a series documenting the world of a young boxer and his manager.

Nancy Tracy of Hartford (CT) Courant
For her moving account of Meg Casey, a victim of premature aging.
Arnold Rosenfeld of Dayton (Ohio) Daily News

Dorothy Storck of The Philadelphia Inquirer
Dan Cryer of Newsday, Long Island, NY
For his book reviews.

Ken Tucker of The Philadelphia Inquirer
For pop music criticism.
Editorial Writing
Ralph Bennett, Jonathan Freedman and Lynne Carrier of San Diego Tribune
For their series of editorials on immigration problems and policies.

Lois Wille of Chicago Sun-Times
For her series of editorials which stressed ways to make Chicago city government more economical and efficient.
Editorial Cartooning
Steve Benson of The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ

Don Wright of The Miami News
Spot News Photography
Bill Foley of Associated Press
For his dramatic photograph of U.S. Marines rescuing an injured comrade after the terrorist attack on the U.S. Marine compound in Beirut.

James Lott III of The Spokesman-Review, Spokane (WA)
For his photograph of a young boy being comforted by a fireman in the aftermath of a neighborhood apartment house blaze.

Mohamed Rawas of Associated Press
For his telling photograph of a grieving Palestinian woman holding a picture of her dead son.
Feature Photography
Stan Grossfeld of The Boston Globe
For his series of unusual photographs which reveal the effects of war on the people of Lebanon. (Moved by the Board to the Spot News Photography category.)

David Woo of The Dallas Morning News
For his series of photographs depicting the child victims of war-torn Central America.