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2015 Pulitzer Seminar: Giving Voice to the Voiceless

On Tuesday, December 1, 6-8 pm in the Lecture Hall/Pulitzer Hall, Columbia University six prizewinning journalists will discuss how their reporting and photographs told the stories of overlooked Americans. Topics and participants included:

Portraits of Californians in drought-stricken Central Valley
Los Angeles Times, Feature Writing Prize, Diana Marcum

Till Death Do Us Part
The Post and Courier, Charleston, S.C., Public Service Prize, Glenn Smith, Doug Pardue and Jennifer Berry Hawes.

Images of despair and anger in Ferguson, MO
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Breaking News Photography Prize, David Carson and Robert Cohen.

Sheila Coronel, director, Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, and dean of academic affairs at The Journalism School, Columbia University, will moderate the program.


Neil Brown of Tampa Bay Times and Tommie Shelby of Harvard University are elected to Pulitzer Prize Board

Neil Brown, editor and vice president of the Tampa Bay Times, and Tommie Shelby, a philosopher, Africana studies scholar and professor at Harvard University, have been elected to the Pulitzer Prize Board.

Brown oversees the journalism published in the Times, the largest circulation daily in the Southeast, as well as on the websites tampabay.com and PolitiFact.com, in the daily tabloid tbt*, and in Bay, a bimonthly magazine on fashion and real estate.

Shelby is an Africana studies scholar whose writings focus on racial and economic justice and on the history of black political thought. He is the Caldwell Titcomb Professor of African and African American Studies and Professor of Philosophy at Harvard.

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Expanded eligibility for three categories

The Pulitzer Prizes have expanded eligibility for three more journalism categories -- International Reporting, Criticism and Editorial Cartooning -- to include many online and print magazines.

Coupled with last year's opening to Investigative Reporting and Feature Writing categories, the additional expansion allows most magazines to enter five journalism categories for the 2016 prizes. --10/27/2015

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Pulitzer Prize for Editorials - We seek wider participation across America

from Paul Gigot, chairman of the Pulitzer Prize Board:

"For 99 years, the Pulitzer Prizes have recognized excellence in American editorial writing. It’s a proud and robust tradition. Vividly expressing the institutional opinion of publications large and small, the winners have engaged a marvelous range of issues, stirring debate and often having an important impact on society – from Main Street to the White House.

"With that in mind, as we near our centennial, we want to renew our dedication to high-quality editorial writing and to seek broader participation in the category, especially among small and medium-size newspapers and news sites. We want to hear your voices." read more ...

The journalism entry site will open for new entries in December. The entry deadline is January 25, 2016. --10/26/2015

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2016 Pulitzer Centennial Marquee Events’ partners and themes announced

Leaders in American journalism, scholarship and public affairs will join as collaborators with the Pulitzer Board in celebrating the 100th awarding of the prizes in 2016

Organizations participating in the Pulitzer Centennial Marquee Project include the Newseum; The Poynter Institute; The Dallas Morning News with the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum; the Los Angeles Times with USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism; and the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard.

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Video of 2015 Pulitzer Prize luncheon

On Thursday, May 28, 2015, the 2015 Prizes were awarded at a luncheon ceremony at Low Library on the Columbia University campus in New York City. The names of the Prizewinners had been announced on April 20, 2015.

Pulitzer Board chair Paul Gigot was the featured speaker. Gigot is editorial page editor and vice president of The Wall Street Journal.

The video also features remarks by Pulitzer Administrator Mike Pride and President of Columbia University Lee C. Bollinger. It includes the presentation of the Prizes by President Bollinger.

group photo of 2015 Prizewinners

slide show of 2015 Pulitzer luncheon

2016 marks the Pulitzer Centennial. Join in the celebration!

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of the Pulitzer Prizes, and throughout 2016 we will be rolling out The Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Initiative.

The initiative will spark grassroots events and conversations across the country. We're hoping you will plan a seminar, workshop, performance or other program that will explore the impact of journalism and the arts on public life.

Even if you or your organization are just beginning to think about the many ways to participate in the Campfires Initiative, please provide us with as much information as you are able, so we can assist along the way. --05/19/2015

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Work by 2015 Journalism Finalists is available

Our archive now includes articles. columns, editorials, cartoons, photographs and other entry material submitted by Nominated Finalists for the 2015 Journalism Prizes.

Three finalists in each category are selected by separate Nominating Juries and passed to The Pulitzer Prize Board. The Board then chooses the winner from among the three finalists. The other two entries, not selected as Prize winners, are designated as Nominated Finalists.

The 2015 Pulitzer Prizewinners and Nominated Finalists in all categories were announced on April 20, 2015.

Please see FAQ #24 for information on the differences between Pulitzer Prize Winners, Nominated Finalists and Entrants. -- 05/11/2015

Paul Gigot elected chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board

Paul Gigot, the editorial page editor and vice president of The Wall Street Journal, has been elected chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board.

Gigot succeeds Danielle Allen, a scholar and author who is the incoming director of the Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University. The Pulitzer Board chairmanship is a one-year appointment. Board members serve a maximum of nine years.

Gigot’s career at The Wall Street Journal spans 35 years. He has held his current position since 2001. He is responsible for the newspaper's editorials, op-ed articles, arts criticism and book reviews. -- 05/04/2015

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2015 Pulitzer Winners and Nominated Finalists

2015 Pulitzer Prizewinners and Nominated Finalists were announced at 3pm, Monday, April 20, 2015, at Columbia University in New York City.

Winners' biographies and photos are available, along with winning stories, columns, editorials, photos and cartoons, in all 14 Journalism categories. Synopses of winning books, and samples from winners in drama and music are also available. Work by Journalism finalists will be posted in the coming weeks. -- 04/20/2015

video of Pulitzer Administrator Mike Pride's announcement of the 2015 winners

Pulitzer winners celebrate!

P.J. Browning, publisher of The Post and Courier hugs reporter Doug Pardue (left), after learning the paper had been awarded the 2015 Public Service Prize. The Public Service gold medal, along with 14 other Prizes, will be awarded at a luncheon ceremony at Columbia University on May 28th.

Reporters Doug Pardue, Glenn Smith, Jennifer Berry Hawes and Natalie Caula Hauff worked on the Prizewinning series, Till Death Do Us Part, "a riveting series that probed why South Carolina is among the deadliest states in the union for women and put the issue of what to do about it on the state’s agenda."

Adam Zyglis (right) is toasted by Buffalo News staffers, including managing editor Brian Connolly.

Zyglis was awarded the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Cartooning for using "strong images to connect with readers while conveying layers of meaning in a few words. “My head is spinning, I can’t believe it,” Zyglis said.

The Buffalo News staff was also a finalist in the Breaking News Reporting category for its coverage of November 2014 snowstorms.

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Next up: "100 Years of Pulitzer"

From the Dallas Morning News Editorial:
"Once a year, journalists gather in newsrooms nationwide, as they did last week, to learn the winners of the annual Pulitzer Prizes and pop champagne corks for awards received. This year, winning journalism ranged from coverage of domestic violence in South Carolina to Secret Service security lapses at the White House to a killer Washington state mudslide — and more...

"Cities, schools, universities, museums, libraries, community centers, festivals, organizations and book clubs are invited to join in the Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Initiative, a $1.5 million project developed by the Pulitzer Board in partnership with the Federation of State Humanities Councils.

"Options abound, and grants are available for lectures, discussions and programs involving past winners. Think Faulkner, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Harper Lee, Frost, Sandburg, Mailer, Updike, Tennessee Williams, Eudora Welty, plus contemporary writers. Consider musicians, writers of commentary, criticism." -- 04/29/2015

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Prizes to launch national "Campfires Initiative" to celebrate 2016 Centennial

The Pulitzer Prize Board, in preparation for the 100th awarding of the Prizes in 2016, is launching a $1.5-million national initiative to ignite broad engagement with the journalistic, literary and artistic values they represent.

The project, called the Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Initiative, will generate grassroots events and conversations across the country throughout 2016 about the impact of journalism and the humanities on our lives and times, illuminating their value to public life today and imagining their future.

"We intend to reach diverse audiences, using Campfire events to foster invigorating discussions – much as actual campfires create circles of conversation – both in person and through social media,” said Joyce Dehli, Pulitzer Prize Board member and chair of the Campfires Initiative. “We also hope to inspire new generations of practitioners." -- 03/30/2015


Pulitzer Prizes expand eligibility in Feature and Investigative categories

The Pulitzer Prizes in journalism, which honor the work of American newspapers and news sites, have expanded eligibility for two prize categories, Investigative Reporting and Feature Writing, to include many online and print magazines, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced today.

"After a considered review and discussion, we are adopting these changes in a spirit of experimentation, rooted in a commitment to the enduring values of great journalism," said Danielle Allen, chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board. "We have chosen to focus our evolution on investigative reporting because of its relevance to public life and feature writing because of its emphasis on literary merit." -- 12/08/2014


Mike Pride elected Pulitzer Prize administrator

Mike Pride, the former editor of the Concord Monitor who led his small New Hampshire newspaper to national prominence and served as co-chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board, has been named administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes.

The appointment, effective Sept. 1, was announced by the Pulitzer Board and by Lee C. Bollinger, president of Columbia University, where the prestigious prizes in journalism, letters, drama and music are administered.

Pride succeeds Sig Gissler, 78, former editor of The Milwaukee Journal and Columbia Journalism School faculty member, who will retire Aug. 1 after 12 years as administrator.

Pride, 67, became editor of the Monitor in 1983 after serving as managing editor. Under his leadership the Monitor won the New England Newspaper of the Year Award 19 times, as well as numerous national awards for excellence. The paper was cited by Time magazine and the Columbia Journalism Review as one of the best papers in the country. In 2008, the Monitor won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography.-- 07/01/2014