Search Help

The Pulitzer Search feature allows you to enter any set of terms, or an exact phrase to be found. It also allows you to find pages that do not include a particular phrase or set of words.

Basic search

Enter a word or set of words in the search box of the navigation bar to find all pages on the Pulitzer Prizes site that contain all those words. To find an exact match on a phrase, enter the phrase in quotation marks. For example, entering

    Wall Street Journal

will find all pages on the Pulitzer site containing the words Wall, Street and Journal. Entering

    "Wall Street Journal"

(with the quotation marks) will find only pages that have the exact phrase "Wall Street Journal" on them -- just to be clear, it won't include the quotation marks in the search, but it will take the quotation marks to mean that you're searching on the exact phrase contained therein.

Advanced search

To invoke an advanced search, click on the link for More options next to the search button. This will bring you to the Search page. Select the Advanced search tab near the top of the page, and options will appear that allow searching on an exact phrase, all pages with any of a set of words, or all pages with none of a set of words.

Viewing search results and refining an initial search

Once a search has been requested, a page is presented with links to the found pages on the left, and options for further refining the search in a column to the right of the found pages. If a large number of pages have been found for the search, a set of links to those pages is shown on the initial results page, and the user can browse through the remaining page links by clicking on the next number.

At any point, while viewing a set of pages retrieved by the search, the user can re-specify the search with further precision, either by entering further terms in the search box in the navigation bar and switching the radio buttons to search within results, or by clicking into a sub-category as shown on the search results page.

For example if you search for "New York", the search may return hundreds of pages. The set of found pages could then be restricted to only those that fall into the Journalism categories by clicking on Journalism under Award Categories in the right column of the search results page. The user could then further sub-select by a specific Journalism category, like Public Service, as further sub-categories are offered.

The numbers next to each sub-selection options tell you how many pages will be found by clicking on that item. A pop-up window that appears when the mouse pointer is placed over a sub-selection, will tell you what sub-categories will be offered if that category is selected on.

Broadening a search result

Just as you can refine a search, you can broaden the set of found pages. This is done by clicking the minus sign next to an item that is part of the current search. For example, if you searched on "New York", the results page will show your search terms "New" and "York" in the upper right. Next to each term will be a minus sign. If you click on the minus sign next to "New", you will then have all pages that contain the word "York". Similarly, you can "minus" back through any category or words previously searched on, and the results will become less exclusive.

Pulitzer Content

The Pulitzer Prizes site contains the complete list of Pulitzer Prize winners from 1917 (the first year the Prizes were awarded) to the present day. The site also contains Finalists from 1980 through the present. When the announcements have just been made for a year's Prizes, sometimes it takes a few days or a few weeks for the most recent data to come live on the site.

The Pulitzer site also contains information and biographies on current Board members and some past Board members, jurors in all categories for all years, biographies of winners from 1995 through the present, biographies of some jurors, the full text of winning entries in the Journalism categories from 1995 through the present day, and selected material from winners in the Letters, Drama and Music and Special Citations and Awards categories.

New material is constantly being added to the Pulitzer site. If your search does not locate something that you think should be here, please read the above description of our contents, and let us know if you still believe we are missing material.